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If you’re looking for a law office with experienced attorneys who are dedicated to you and who have expertise in a wide variety range of legal disciplines, look no further than Penoyar Law Offices in South Bend, WA. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience. Penoyar Law Offices has been serving Pacific County, WA, since 1975.   

We realize that legal issues and concerns come in all shapes and sizes. When you come to us for advice or representation, you will get the personal attention and respect every client deserves. Find out how we can make a difference for you today by calling to set up a free consultation or filling out our contact form on our Contact page.

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Will has practiced for just under 15 years, specializing in real property issues (land use, eviction, real estate) and Estate Planning. He also handles construction, adoption and family law matters. Will is the Municipal Court Judge for the City of South Bend, and general counsel for Pacific County PUD No 2.  


Joel is back in private practice after over 40 years serving as a judge in state and tribal trial and appellate courts. He serves local Cities and Ports and helps individuals with wills, trusts, probates, along with real estate and business issues.


Edward has over ten years of experience focusing on dependency and family law matters, as well as other general litigation. With a thorough understanding of how family dynamics function in the various court systems, he is prepared to fight vigorously for clients and ensure that their voices are heard. He will take the time to listen to clients' needs and carefully strategize long-term plans for the success of the case. He is proactive, rather than simply reacting to whatever the opposition or the State may direct at the client.  Edward is compassionate and understands the profound stress clients may be experiencing, whether it is substance abuse, financial issues, or the damaged relationships that so often accompany these cases.    


Emily focuses her practice on representing youth in foster care and on estate planning and probate for Native American elders. Emily also specializes in helping individual clients and group ventures start their own businesses, including registering with the Secretary of State and obtaining all necessary formation documents, licenses and permits.  Emily attended the University of Oregon law school and in her spare time enjoys going on adventures with her husband and three young children.


Elizabeth has served as judge of Pacific County North District Court for 15 years, and also runs a private practice that includes family law, estate planning and probates. She volunteers for the Kiwanis Club and Friends of the Library. Elizabeth is the Pacific County Bar Association President.